Breanna Robinson

Asking for the Moon

Works by Breanna Robinson
Tiger Strikes Asteroid Chicago
Exhibition Dates: August 13th - October 1, 2022


It has been scientifically proven that how we conceptualize our identity and build our inner worlds is largely determined by—and informed through—our autobiographical memories of significant life events. In both memory processing and dream formation, our brains rank emotional material over detailed accounts. This helps to explain why it’s easier to remember feelings than specific details, and also why dreams don’t “play” memories exactly, but instead create narratives that combine, splice, and abstract memories collected through our experiences. Our mind’s propensity to carry out this process begs the questions: why are these abstractions created, and what are we to make of them? Exactly how crucial is this function to our ability to feel, process, and express emotions? What can we gain from practicing intentional “rememory”? What can we learn from the ostensibly random connections drawn in our subconscious mind?

Characterized by the often bizarre, colorful, and evocative nature of dreams, this print-based exhibition aims to materialize the acts of dreaming and remembering. Drawing from Robinson’s own personal memories, dreams, and research, some of the works represent the often impossible experience of recalling a distant memory or chasing after a fading dream, while others mimic the process by which information is encoded, processed, and called to mind.

Asking for the Moon is organized by Cydney Lewis. Photos by Tom Van Eynde.